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Monday, May 7


  • Intro. to light as a form of electromagnetic radiation

  • History of the measurement of the speed of light


Tuesday, May 8


  • Color mixing and color theory

  • Reflection of colors


Wednesday, May 9


  • Luminous vs. illuminated surfaces

  • Luminous flux - units, theory for spherical illumination

  • inverse square law


Thursday, May 10


  • Intro. to light intensity lab

  • More color mixing demonstrations


Friday, May 11


  • P. 390; 31-35, 41 due

  • Light intensity lab


Monday, May 14


  • P. 390, 21-26 due

  • Thin film interference

  • Low e glass, soap bubbles, stealth aircraft, etc. examples

  • Intro. to polarization with 4th period


Tuesday,  May 15


  • Return/review first two problem sets

  • Light Intensity Lab due

  • Polarization examples including Malus' law, Brewster's Law

  • Pairs of polarizers

  • Practical examples including polarized sunglasses, camera filters, LCDs, acrylic stress tester


Wednesday, May 16


  • A few more polarization examples

  • Law of Reflection

  • Snell's law and the least time problem


Thursday, May 17


  • A Snell's law and reflection example: Light enters a 4.5 cm cube of glass 40° from the surface and reflects off the bottom. What position on the top of the cube does the light exit?

  • Light is incident from water to air at a 55° angle from the normal. Where does the ray go?


  • Friday, May 18


  • Total internal reflection and fiber optic examples


Thursday, May 3


  • Chapter review


Friday, May 4


  • Waves & Sound Test



Physics 1 Honors - Light Unit

Chapters 16 - 19


Unit Outline with Standards

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