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Mr. Flint speaks about coral at TEDx Williamsport

Our school is the headquarters of the Reef Conservation Society's Tanks in Schools program. Mr. Flint was invited to give a TED talk about our efforts to preserve natural coral reefs.
Here is the video and some pictures


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Don't be part of the 99%. Be a Millionaire! Our school mascot is kind of a big deal.
Read here and here and here.

Aquarium Science
We'll be designing and building aquarium systems, propagating coral and breeding clownfish.
Let Mr. Flint know if you're interested in this unique opportunity. After school from 2:30 to 4:30 on Thursdays.

Mr. Flint's summer 2002 expedition
Read all about it at
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  • Want to learn more about physics research? Attend a Physics Colloquium (Babcock Alumni Lecture Hall in the Academic Center) at Lycoming College.Campus Map.
  • Would you like to live 7 years longer and be a multimillionaire? 20% of all high school sophomores already qualify! Find out how!
  • HOT You can see the International Space Station with the naked eye! Click here.